01/17/2015 Rebecca Baca was looking for a new start and a more stable livelihood when she signed up for a Networking Academy course. Although she had never heard of Cisco and had little idea of what networking was all about, she stuck with it. After completing... Read More
Dan Stephens, Director, Collaboration, Presidio South 01/17/2015 “UC on UCS” is used to describe the placement of virtualized Cisco Unified Communications or Collaboration applications onto a Cisco Unified Compute System. Recently, a few clients have asked about the benefits of implementing UC on UCS, especially... Read More
Ernest Dunn - Director, Secure Networks 01/17/2015 While the term BYOD may be becoming a bit overused, we are really just starting to feel the impact of this movement.  Cisco just released a case study on the financial impact of BYOD which stated that 89 percent of companies are enabling their... Read More
Samuel Clements, Mobility Practice Manager, Presidio 01/17/2015 Today kicked off day one of the 2013 Cisco Partner Summit. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to attend and to be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure what I was in for. I've attended numerous partner virtual team events in the past and I’m... Read More
Mike French, Chief Marketing Officer, Presidio 01/17/2015 This year’s Partner Summit has already been one of the most impactful summits I have been to and I have seen 14 of the 17 Cisco has hosted. That is a pretty bold statement being that the summit just started, but let me justify that. First of all,... Read More