Josh Miller, Director 01/17/2015 The par is Collaboration Edge.  Candidly - this capability is required to be on an even playing field with Microsoft Lync.  This capability allows an employee to take their client from the office to their house, to anywhere in-between - and have it... Read More
Dan Stephens and Tim Telkamp 01/17/2015 The Risk Based Management framework is well defined by NIST to address securing data within your organization.  It creates a way to quantify intangibles and create a simple checklist for securing your information.  For those unfamiliar with the... Read More
Mike French, Chief Marketing Officer 01/17/2015 Organic growth & Large Acquisitions in the IT Solutions Sector I am often asked what the Presidio evolution story is. How did Presidio grow to be a multibillion dollar Solutions Provider so quickly? The answer is that some of the growth has been... Read More
Jill Atcheson, Director, Digital Marketing 01/17/2015 Earlier this year, dozens of industry publications and information-centric contributors predicted the top trends and topics for 2013.  Pitched as the crystal ball into the future, or a sneak-peek into what would top of mind in the 12 months that... Read More
by Dan Stephens and Keith Ridgway 01/17/2015 Collaboration is about results, the business value generated from being able to communicate efficiently and effectively with co-workers, business partners and customers.  Collaboration tools should enable and simplify that communication without... Read More