VMware vCloud Suite Provides a Path to Cloud Transformation

Posted By:  Steve Kaplan, VP of Virtualization and Cloud Cloud Computing
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Presidio works with many different manufacturers to implement various pieces of a private cloud strategy ranging from services catalogs to orchestration to chargeback.  vCloud Suite promotion is VMware’s latest effort to enable private cloud by putting the foundational products for VMware’s cloud strategy into hundreds of thousands of customer environments. It also provides both a comprehensive cloud-computing vision and tangible path for transformation to software-defined data centers.

The Complexity of Cloud

There is a plethora of marketing information contributes to a widespread lack of understanding of the transformational capabilities of cloud computing. VMware needed to differentiate its offering while providing both a complete and palpable product-based solution.

Upgrade Path

Those of us who sold ESX in the early days of virtualization spent a lot of time educating clients about the concept. But as the overwhelming economic advantages of virtualization quickly became well-known, the sale regressed into one of fulfillment rather than evangelism for many partners. Cloud computing is at a stage where the sale again is very conceptual in nature.
Many cloud vendors emphasize automation and provisioning, but they really mean scripting. The rapid proliferation of vCloud Suite Standard in data centers across the globe will spur conversations about the policy-driven architecture and advantages of a SDDC. As customers increasingly understand the benefits, they will take advantage of the easy upgrade path to the more complete Advanced and Enterprise versions. This should help VMware leverage its market leadership in virtualization in order to maintain a leadership position in cloud computing.