Turning Cost into Value with IoT

Posted By:  Shawn Rahn
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Problem: Energy Cost and Lighting Conversion

When we search for opportunities to improve our quality of life through technology, we often overlook our most common operational issues. For example, did you know that, on average, 60% of a city’s energy budget is spent on lighting? Although newer, reduced-cost lighting technology is available, the cost to deploy maintenance staff for the single task of changing every light fixture is still prohibitive.

Solution: Presidio Smart & Connected City, Campus, and Building Solutions

Presidio’s IoT group is driving new, innovative solutions that allow our customers to improve their lighting environment, while using the same physical maintenance required to also deploy additional technology.

New light-emitting diode (LED) technology for outdoor light fixtures brings with it a suite of value add capability to expedite the return on investment. In addition to new, inexpensive light sources, a level of intelligence is placed on the light pole that didn’t previous exist. A source of light can now be adjusted in real-time based on environmental conditions. For example, a light on a bridge at times of minimal use can be set to low light for cost savings. Contrarily, an emergency response situation can trigger a rapid increase in the light level to ensure visibility during the incident.

Other sensors can be deployed along with the new LED light fixture to monitor the environment, including levels of humidity, CO2 and O2, UVA and UVB light, particulate matter, motion and seismic activity, video, sound, and more. With all of this new data, processes can be positively impacted to improve services. Video analytics can be used to improve access to available parking spaces while the wireless network can support a way finding application to assist in navigating to and from your car. Thousands of new sensors can improve the accuracy of threat detection and identification.

These new opportunities create great value for cities, large campuses like a university, large retail establishments, and even sports and entertainment venues. Presidio IoT has the unique combination of skills required to unify this new collection of systems into a collaborative platform that saves money, makes us safer, and creates more value.