Top Three Keys to Digital Marketing Success

Posted By:  Jill Atcheson, Director, Digital Marketing
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Earlier this year, dozens of industry publications and information-centric contributors predicted the top trends and topics for 2013.  Pitched as the crystal ball into the future, or a sneak-peek into what would top of mind in the 12 months that followed, these predictions were often specific to particular industries, functional roles, B2B/B2C and really just about anything.

So what were the top Digital Marketing trends of 2013 and did we in fact live up to the hype this year?


Trend #1: Digital Merges with Traditional Marketing

Consumer demand often dictates business demand. That was definitely the case in 2013, as consumers continued to embrace online, social, and mobile communication channels, forcing companies to improve their online presence, and prioritize initiatives such as search engine optimization, web design, content creation and strategy, social media, and mobile marketing.

Verdict:  FACT


Trend #2: Content Fuels Inbound Marketing

Companies are expected to deliver content to their targeted consumers when and how they want it.  Coupled with the underlying principle of content fueling just about every inbound marketing channel, like social networks and blogs, content marketing was king in 2013.  “As consumers continue to integrate digital into their daily lives, the demand for multi-channel content marketing will grow, putting more pressure on marketing organizations to deliver greater amounts of high-quality content”.  This priority initiative will continue long past the close of 2013.

Verdict:  FACT

Trend #3: Companies are Outsourcing their Digital Marketing

Gartner reports that up to 50% of all digital marketing efforts are outsourced to third parties, primarily because internal teams cannot keep up with the pace of demand and changing technologies.

Verdict: Stalemate

While outsourcing content creation is important in keeping up with the rapid pace of delivery, it’s important that you have an organic, and transparent voice in your content efforts. 


Trend #4: Website, Social, and Digital Advertising Most Effective

When asked which three digital marketing activities are most important to their success, marketers surveyed by Gartner stated a corporate website, digital advertising, social media. Web optimization is also top of mind for most marketers, as they experiment with customized landing pages and different types of marketing content.

Verdict: FACT

All three factors have been primary drivers in our own digital strategy, specifically with a focus on a new corporate website that was launched in early 2013. This became the foundation to accommodate the additional building blocks of social media, PPC, SEO, content and more!


Original Article Source: Social Media Today, as extracted from Gartner’s US Digital Marketing Spending Report: