Secure Seamless Capacity Growth and Augmentation with Hybrid Cloud

Posted By:  Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions
Posted Date: 

Nearly every organization has some kind of seasonal peak that strains its IT and data center resources. Online retailers, for example, have a tremendous revenue opportunity during the holidays.  To meet this demand, however, can require several times the IT capacity needed for off-peak operation. There is also the additional cost of having to overprovision a data center to accommodate these peaks and paying for assets that sit idle for most of the year.

Many organizations are looking to implement hybrid cloud technology because it can enable them to extend the capacity of their data center without capital investment. This is an important capability more and more businesses are taking advantage of, and today you have a diverse range of providers, environments, and clouds to choose from.

To help you meet your organization’s changing needs for capacity, Presidio offers Presidio Managed Cloud (PMC) with Cisco Intercloud Fabric (ICF). PMC and ICF enable you to securely and seamlessly extend your data center into the cloud.  With access to services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you can easily scale IT resources to dynamically augment your organization’s capacity.

With capacity augmentation, your organization’s Line of Business (LOB) owners and other users can easily burst into and rent IT resources in the cloud to meet planned and unplanned peak demand. Once the demand subsides, users can scale back, releasing resources that are no longer needed. The result is the ability to seamlessly scale capabilities without capital investment, overprovisioning, or paying for resources that are not currently in use. Presidio has consumption solutions that help companies with predictable growth as well to provision resources only as they consume them or a pay as you grow model.

In addition to capacity augmentation and growth, access to the cloud through Presidio’s Managed Cloud and Cisco Intercloud Fabric offers several other important benefits to your organization:

Dev/Test: One of the bottlenecks to development is the limited availability of IT resources within the data center to development teams. Through the cloud, your developers can access effectively unlimited resources. This enables them to speed both the development and testing of new applications.  In addition, the cloud facilitates parallel development.  Teams no longer have to share dev/test resources, enabling them to work free of dependencies on each other.

Flexible Workload Placement: With Presidio Managed Cloud and Intercloud Fabric, you have the option to place workloads on- or off-premises. This allows your organization to exploit the best venue of operation for applications. For example, applications utilizing highly sensitive data can run in your own data center. Mission-critical applications scaled to meet seasonal demand can be deployed in the cloud on enterprise-class servers backed by disaster recovery services to guarantee performance and reliability. And non-mission-critical applications like dev/test can be deployed off-premises in public cloud with less stringent service level agreements (SLA) to keep your operating costs as low as possible.

Workload Portability: A key aspect of Intercloud Fabric is the ability to securely move workloads between the data center and different clouds. This capability offers several benefits.  For example, applications can be developed and tested in the cloud, then moved to your data center once they are ready for production.  Workload portability also allows mission-critical applications to be moved between servers or clouds, giving risk assurance that uninterrupted availability of mission-critical applications can always be maintained.  Furthermore, because workloads can be moved between clouds, you do not have to fear being locked into a single cloud provider.

Shadow IT:  Presidio Managed Cloud enables you to consolidate cloud use throughout your organization. You can eliminate “shadow IT” issues that arise when users purchase their own cloud resources outside the policy and security enforcement of IT.  With PMC and ICF, your users have the flexibility to access resources easily through a self-service portal while meeting IT’s need to provide a consistent and secure user experience.

One-Stop Cloud: The integration enabled by PMC and ICF allows your organization to manage your cloud needs through a single interface. For example, one of Presidio’s preferred partners, Sungard Availability Services, offers both Cisco Powered Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Cisco Powered Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This makes it straightforward for your organization to extend capacity into the cloud while maintaining protection against the unexpected without having to work through multiple vendors and integrating their services together.

Global Access: ICF also makes it easier for you to access several providers’ clouds if needed.  This has powerful advantages for global organizations. For example, Presidio is able to partner with multiple providers, enabling you to access IT resources and services in areas where your cloud provider of choice doesn’t have a local presence. Through the PMC single-pane interface and ICF, you can use the Intercloud to build out a truly global cloud that meets local compliance requirements without having to invest in setting up a data center in the different countries in which you do business.

Presidio’s goal is to remove as much complexity from using the cloud as possible. Through PMC, Presidio continues to drive innovation to help you increase your organization’s agility and profitability.  For example, today capacity augmentation is a manual process.  It requires IT to monitor demand and anticipate changes. For industries with relatively predictable markets such as tax preparation organizations, such planning may be sufficient. However, the volatility of social media makes planning more difficult for many businesses. Trends can flash quickly, causing unpredictable peaks in demand. These can range from sudden interest in an online game to a spike in sales for an item a celebrity was recently seen wearing. Businesses that cannot adapt quickly to these shifts in demand will lose not just revenue but customer loyalty.

Learn how Presidio offers you tailored solutions for a hybrid world with Presidio Managed Cloud.  Built on Cisco Intercloud Fabric and Cisco Powered services from validated providers like Sungard Availability Services, you can benefit from the cloud.  Or contact Presidio directly for an in-depth evaluation of how your organization can benefit from hybrid cloud.