Roundup: Cisco Spark and Tropo Coding Camp & Hackathon with Presidio

Posted By:  Gaurav Singhal, Principal Consultant, Collaboration, Presidio
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Cisco Spark and Trop Coding Camp and Hackathon

Presidio hosted its first Coding Camp/Hackathon April 15-16 in Atlanta, GA, focused on how to utilize new collaboration technologies from Cisco Spark and Tropo Cloud Services. Attendees from various organizations – including collaboration engineers, developers, clients, and students – gathered to learn from Spark and Tropo experts from both Presidio and Cisco.

Cisco Spark is Cisco’s latest Collaboration service that creates secure virtual rooms for teams and enables streamlined messages and calling.

Tropo is an API platform that allows customers to build cloud-based phone and SMS applications, making it simpler to automate communications.

Cisco Spark Coding Camp Day 1 Roundup

Presidio kicked off the event with coding 101 lessons for those new to coding. The Cisco experts on site explained how applications can be built to interact with Cisco Spark and Tropo. Attendees of all levels in the class were able to build basic apps as the instructors showed them how to use a variety of tools.

The room buzzed with questions and ideas as participants quickly gained an understanding of what they could do with the robust set of Cisco Spark and Tropo APIs. As a bonus, some of our Presidio engineers shared interesting integrations they have built.  Watch one of the cooler demonstrations in action as Ted the Bear reads Spark Messages! 

In the afternoon, attendees were given two options for the remainder of event: self-paced labs with expert support to gain more hand on experience, or participation in a Hackathon to win prizes. Hackathon participants pitched their ideas to recruit people for their teams, with the natural coders in high demand. The teams planned, brainstormed and coded late into Friday night.

Cisco Spark Coding Camp Day 2 Roundup

Lab participants continued to work through their tasks and hackathon teams finished their applications. Four appointed judges viewed the demos and judged each team on criteria such as problem-solving, business potential, innovation, user experience and use of Cisco technologies. It was amazing to see what these teams accomplished in under 24 hours. To learn more about the winning applications, click here.

We received very positive feedback from all attendees and we are hoping to do more of these camps in the future. Thank you to Cisco for co-sponsoring the event and to Singlewire and Syn-Apps for their additional sponsorships. 

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