Q&A with Raphael Meyerowitz during EMC World

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We sat down with our own Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP Data Center Technical Services during EMC World 2014 this week in Las Vegas to get his thoughts on application integration, security and client opportunities.

Q: What is Presidio’s background with EMC and Microsoft?

Presidio is the second largest EMC partner in NA, the largest VCE partner in NA and is a gold Microsoft partner.  We have been an EMC and Microsoft partner for 10 years and have extensive expertise around designing and deploying Microsoft solutions on EMC hardware.  Ensuring that the hardware and software is designed to support the load of the applications is critical to project success.  


Q: Application integration and security are often stated as customer concerns – what is Presidio’s experience with customers in regards to these concerns?

Presidio starts off every engagement with strategic engagement framework.  Our strategic engagement framework ensures that early on in the engagement that we are accounting for all the applications that integrate with customer’s environment.  We recently performed an Office 365 assessment for a customer and we determined that they were not ready to move to the cloud due to application, security and compliance restrictions.   An example of this is a staffing company that an application that required administrative access to their exchange environment.  365 could not provide the access that was needed. 


Q: With the rapid growth of data in Microsoft applications, what is Presidio’s experience with customer concerns on Data Protection and availability of Microsoft Applications?

Presidio has always integrated Microsoft applications with EMC Data protections products i.e. Networkers NMM modules, Recoverpoint, Appsync and replication manager.  Customers expect real-time recovery for mission critical Microsoft applications such as Exchange, Sharepoint and SQL.  If a customer chooses to move their applications to the cloud they probably not be able to recover their applications in a timely manner.  That is why the first question should be what is your RPO and RTO for application failure.   


Q: What do you see as the opportunity for Presidio, EMC and Microsoft to service your customers in this changing IT environment?

Presidio managed cloud is built on VSPEX and Vblock architecture.  Customers have started to ask for Presidio to manage their entire IT infrastructure which includes Microsoft applications.  Our PMC offering differentiates us because we believe that a hybrid approach is best.   A converged architecture which includes EMC hardware that is optimally designed and managed by Presidio to support mission critical Microsoft applications is something our customers have been asking us for. 

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