The Promise of Hybrid Cloud Delivered

Posted By:  Johan Milbrink, Director of Presidio Managed Cloud
Posted Date: 

While every company is unique, they all share the commonality of this never-ending balancing act for their IT delivery service model:

  • preparing for fast growth
  • remaining mindful of impending change
  • protecting company assets

The relevance of cloud solutions in balancing these priorities has soared, and having a flexible environment is essential. The consensus is out and hybrid cloud is the desired best case model for most organizations. Presidio Managed Cloud was built to help you simplify the complex cloud environment, while creating  optimal visibility and protection.


The new Presidio Managed Cloud solution is designed to simplify the management of cloud assets both public and private, using a single operational model across a multi-cloud environment. This solution is built on the Cisco One platform and leverages the Cisco Intercloud Fabric. Partnering with Cisco to leverage the Cisco Cloud service provider ecosystem has opened the door for true hybrid cloud functionality. One can provision Cisco ICF cloud services all in one place.


The intuitive portal provides the ability to directly monitor and move workloads across multiple environments. Managing all of these assets in one place will reduce time to adoption and increase the operational efficiency of cloud investments. Every organization is different – cloud assets should be organized to meet your unique objectives.


We understand security risks in moving cloud assets around. Presidio Managed Cloud extends the network and security policies of a private cloud to public cloud resources, reducing risk and creating the ability for IT investments to do what they were meant to do, improve business outcomes.

Cloud touches many aspects of any business, and evolving with its growing capabilities requires proactive management to keep everything tightly connected.

Click here to see a demo of Presidio Managed Cloud in action.