Presidio Named to Prestigious Cisco Healthcare Industry Group

Posted By:  Ted Baker, Presidio Vice President-Healthcare Solutions
Posted Date: 

Cisco recently invited Presidio to participate in their steering committee of the Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Working Group. Representatives from GE healthcare, Qualcomm, ePlus, Samsung and Chevron will be in attendance at the group’s kickoff meeting this week in San Jose. Presidio is just one of two solution providers on the committee.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an initiative undertaken by Cisco to connect the vast network of physical devices that can be accessed through the Internet. Given that almost all electronic devices contain embedded technology, IoT seeks to connect them and bring them online so they can all communicate with each other. When devices can represent themselves digitally, they can be controlled from anywhere, which means more data gathered from more places and more ways to increase efficiency.

Within the healthcare IoT initiative, we seek to connect devices to improve patient outcomes and lower the cost of delivering healthcare. As examples, think of the benefits of a medical kit for a home-based patient automatically uploading blood-glucose and blood pressure readings for physicians to review. Or if the information of care received from multiple physicians for one patient were fed into a central system to enhance the ability for coordinated care. These changes could revolutionize the way we receive future healthcare.

It’s a huge compliment for Presidio to be included in this group of thought leaders. Cisco realizes that our experience in complex IT projects across the US gives us a unique perspective and the ability to develop solutions that can scale. The ultimate payoff will be an enhanced ability for providers and payors to proactively predict patients on the path to certain types of maladies and then enact care plans to prevent those occurrences.

This is not the first time Presidio has impressed Cisco in relation to the IoT initiative. Last November at Presidio Exchange in Orlando, Cisco recognized us as the Internet of Things Partner of the Year.  We won the award as one of the first partners to recognize and embrace ALL Cisco IoT technologies and solutions.

If you would like to find out more about the Cisco IoT initiative in healthcare, feel free to Contact Presidio.  The recognition we are receiving is cementing our reputation as a major player in the IT industry—and I would be glad to share more with you about the many projects we will be involved in relating to IoT.