Presidio Internet of Things: Transportation Solutions

Posted By:  Ryan Jordan
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Census predictions indicate that more than 70% of our global population will live in a city by the year 2050.  This  “urbanization” trend will lead to congested roads and increased pollution.  Picture this: jammed roadways, virtually zero parking, smog taking over shorelines. The quality of living in these communities will greatly decrease, forcing cities to look for new ways to provide transportation options and smart and efficient roadways before that happens.

Smart and Connected Communities, including vehicles (cars, buses, trains, emergency response, fleet) solutions, will have a direct, positive impact on a city's ability to create new jobs by attracting business and talent.

Closely aligning with our partner Intel, we are delivering solutions in this area from vehicles that move people and freight or emergency response (police, fire and rescue) to smart parking services.  Our IoT solutions for Transportation are well positioned to provide the secure infrastructure and analytics to provide cleaner, safer and more efficient communities.   

The Presidio IoT Transportation and Smart City solutions can help communities achieve many of their goals, including:

  • Improved passenger and employee safety through unified video including onboard and transit stations
  • New onboard services including WIFI and entertainment options
  • Better passenger communication through signage and mobile applications including arrival time information
  • Increased revenue by increasing ridership and marketing and promotion sales
  • Meet governmental and industrial safety compliance requirements
  • Reduce fleet costs by improved route management and preventive maintenance
  • Cut fuel and carbon emissions by over 10% annually
  • Less congestion in city centers through the use of parking application that identify open spaces
  • Parking revenue increase by using analytics to understand parking trends and pricing strategy

Cities that look to use technology to engage the citizenship in new ways will outpace other markets with growth in job creation and wages.  Connected communities connect previously unconnected systems, such as traffic lights, city lighting and city buses.  The sharing of information across this ecosystem will reduce automobile congestion and improve the quality of life in our cities.  

For more information, check out Intel's Intelligent Transportation video.