Presidio’s Story: INX & BlueWater Acquisitions

Posted By:  Mike French, Chief Marketing Officer
Posted Date: 

Organic growth & Large Acquisitions in the IT Solutions Sector

I am often asked what the Presidio evolution story is. How did Presidio grow to be a multibillion dollar Solutions Provider so quickly? The answer is that some of the growth has been organic, but the real story is one of successful acquisitions, which is difficult to do on this scale in any industry.

So here is the modern history of Presidio:

Presidio has acquired a number of great companies over the last eight years, but the largest and most recent were Coleman Technologies in 2009, INX in December 2011 and The BlueWater  Inc. in March of 2012. Along with the latest acquisition, we welcomed industry veteran, Bob Cagnazzi, CEO of BlueWater, as the new Chief Executive Officer of Presidio, Inc.  Bob was tasked with the difficult job of merging these organizations together and developing one company that would stretch from coast to coast and capitalize on all of the best practices from each organization.

In the nearly two year’s post-acquisitions, Presidio has grown into one of the largest national managed services IT solution providers. We currently employ over 2,400 IT professionals who operate out of more than 60 offices across the U.S. We have expanded our capabilities to include Global Services, Advanced Managed Services, with a rich portfolio of offerings to meet our clients’ needs.  The modern Presidio brand was rolled out earlier this year, which introduced the concept of “Practical Thinking” and a single solid mission: to help our clients unlock the unlimited potential of a completely connected world. Presidio is the practical component of the innovation we get from our strategic partners like Cisco, EMC and VMware and their advanced IT solutions.

And now, as we ring in a new year, it’s inevitable that 2014 will bring with it more challenges and opportunities to leverage IT to enable business growth and solve for unique business problems for our clients.  We really do make it possible for our clients to harness the limitless power of IT.  I am very fortunate to have had the experience of participating in the successful growth and evolution of what this company is today and look forward to a new year. The future of IT, the Internet of Things, is right now and we are ready to make it practical.