Part II: Collaboration Systems Release (CSR) 10 is not just another release

Posted By:  by George Chongris, Manager, Collaboration Infrastructure
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CSR 10 changed it all in many ways.  My e-mail signature now looks like this.  To anyone that interacts with me, it’s one click to a rich experience with me on whichever medium they deem is the correct one at the time.

Reach me now: Video | Browser | Phone | Instant Message | E-Mail

George Chongris | Manager, Collaboration Infrastructure
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1955 Lakeway Drive Suite 220, Lewisville, TX 75057
D: 469.549.9888 | F: 469.549.9886 |

As you can see, traditional enterprise communication barriers are now broken:

  • Feature parity inside the office or outside the office.  A user can call a user and get to them wherever either party is (or isn’t!)
  • One application provides all text, voice or video mediums in a user friendly manner that communicates availability on all methods in one place.  
  • Options available for those without large enterprise systems to have comparable, if not equal, life-like inter-personal communication with video.
  • A user needs to only socialize three pieces of information to be reached on any medium:  a phone number, an e-mail address, or a web link for Jabber Guest.  Those three pieces will get anyone to you with voice, video, e-mail or instant message.

We no longer connect people to URI addresses, IPs or phone numbers, we connect people to people with the best possible experience – be it voice, TelePresence video or instant message — and the technology cascades into the background.

This is here now.  This is collaboration that fires on all cylinders.  

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