Internet of Things is the Future

Posted By:  Shawn Rahn, VP Systems Engineering, Presidio
Posted Date: 

Over the past decade, the smartphone alone has introduced an exponential extension to how people connect with other people. More recently though, we’ve seen smartphone development focus less on new features and more on improving performance and presentation of existing features. The current exponential wave of innovation is already underway, and it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). An example of IoT in use today is a physician having the ability to collaborate with patients over instant video. That physician is now able to greatly improve their ability to provide healthcare and by leveraging IoT, she’s  not only able to see the patient virtually, but also see and monitor the patient’s vital statistics like blood pressure, glucose levels, heart rate and more. This is the Internet of Things, and this is the future.

“IoT is all about finding brand new ways to benefit from technology connecting the world of things around us with each other and the people who rely on them.

These real-time opportunities bring with them an immediate challenge of delivering “off the shelf” technology products, available today, to meet new business challenges.

As our partners, like Cisco, focus on delivering new products with features that enable our clients to extend connectivity in new and exciting ways, Presidio addresses the practical implementation of those solutions with our Systems Engineering capabilities. Those capabilities include mechanical, electronics, and software engineering enabling our clients to augment off the shelf technology solutions with additional features and functions that will adapt the technology so that it’s more directly applicable to their exact business model.

IoT for Safer Transportation

Transportation and connected vehicle solutions continue to evolve in an effort to make transportation systems safer and more efficient for commuters, school children, emergency responders, and more. With each type of vehicle, including its on-board systems and services, being very different in each unique client, Presidio is able to tailor each solution to those unique client needs in ways unmatched by our competitors.

IOT is created when people have ideas about how and why to connect things to the internet. Those connections can become exponential.

Tell us what you envision the internet of things doing and how does or can impact your world.