Intelligent Datacenters: EMC & VMware provide DR & high availability

Posted By:  Ernes Taljic, Principal Storage Architect, Presidio
Posted Date: 

The Challenge

Most datacenters are designed in an active/passive configuration. The passive datacenter is used in “what-if” situations and are strictly deployed for disaster recovery scenarios. A lot of resources are consumed for datacenters to be used only for the “what-if” scenarios. The Presidio solution described herein offers an intelligent datacenter solution that brings a true active/active structure to utilize two or more datacenters equally.

Intelligent datacenters not only provide disaster recovery (DR) but also provide high availability across datacenters for missions-critical applications.

The main challenges that the intelligent datacenter solution solves are:

  • Eliminates single points of failures across datacenters
  • Minimizes Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • Maximizes resource utilization by simultaneously using all datacenters
  • Better utilization of infrastructure costs


EMC VPLEX provides an active/active solution by removing barriers between data centers. The VPLEX family delivers simplified management and non-disruptive data mobility across data centers. VPLEX Local allows for seamless tech refreshes across heterogeneous arrays. VPLEX Metro provides data mobility and availability with synchronous distances and VPLEX Geo with asynchronous distances.

VMware with EMC VPLEX

Utilizing EMC VPLEX with VMware allows for continuous data mobility between data centers with zero downtime. Virtual Machines (VMs) can be moved and/or reallocated between data centers using the traditional vMotion technology. It is non-disruptive to host applications and does not require storage intervention for failover in case of a site failure.

The VPLEX distributed cache coherency technology enables the same data to exist in two separate sites with simultaneous read/write access at both locations.

The VPLEX family contains a zero cost VMware Virtual Appliance for VPLEX Witness. The VPLEX Witness ensures that true federated availability can be delivered. Regardless of site or link failure a copy of the data will automatically remain online in at least one of the datacenters.