A Hybrid Cloud Platform: Insights from VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015

Posted By:  Brian Vislusky, Director, Strategic Technology Group, Data Center, Presidio
Posted Date: 

VMware continued to make their Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) vision a reality at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015. The products launched at PEX enhance VMware’s solution portfolio and provide a single platform to manage a Hybrid Cloud environment. These solutions assist customers looking to accelerate their business through the efficient and reliable deployment and management of business critical applications via on-premise or off-premise infrastructure resources.


VMware vSphere serves as the foundation of the SDDC architecture. With the release of vSphere 6.0, VMware has increased the strength of the product with over 650 new features and innovations. These new features and capabilities expand the support for VMs and business critical applications.


VMware vSphere 6.0 Release Highlights – The foundation for Hybrid Cloud

  • Performance Improvements

  • Long-Distance vMotion

  • Instant Clones

  • vCenter Server 6.0 – Cross vSwitch vMotion

  • Fault Tolerance for Multi-Processor VMs

  • Content Library – Store and Sync VMs, OVFs and ISOs

vSphere Performance Improvements:


With VMware’s vSphere and vCloud Suite running the on-premise Private Cloud and having the ability to extend out to Public Cloud resources via vCloud Air, VMware delivers a “One Cloud” solution. This solution provides the flexible management and delivery control necessary to deploy applications where and when needed to meet fast moving business requirements. 


VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides a mechanism to ensure your most critical applications meet their defined SLAs. Not only can an application failover to the VMware Air Disaster Recovery site, but the solution provides native failback capabilities.

An All-Private or All-Public Cloud model often limits customers and doesn’t provide the flexibility or efficiency needed to deliver applications at the right time in order to take advantage of a market opportunity.


Presidio believes that a Hybrid Cloud model provides the flexibility and efficiency needed to deliver applications, securely and efficiently, to achieve the business outcomes customers’ desire. The percentage of Private and Public services utilized will be based on a thorough understanding of the individual customer’s business needs and desired outcomes.


VMware’s unified, software defined single platform provides all the solution elements needed to assist Presidio in delivering the outcomes our customers are looking to achieve with Hybrid Cloud.