How the Connected Everything Powers the Analytics of Everything

Posted By:  Shawn Rahn
Posted Date: 

The Internet began when scientists sought an effective way to share data. It was computers talking to computers. Then people found new ways to collaborate: FTP, email, HTML and browsers, SMS, and IM. Millions of devices were connected. Next came smartphones. Hundreds of millions of devices were connected. Now is our time to connect everything.

In our homes, we can connect thermostats, lights, locks, cameras, garage doors, and coffee machines. Companies like relayr have conceived buildings that are completely monitored and controlled by smart systems, using connectivity to join separate legacy systems for cross-platform communication.

Our cars can download an upgrade, with Tesla vehicles regularly receiving over-the-air software updates that add new features and functionality. (Tip: for faster downloads connect to your home Wifi). In our enterprises, we have numerous devices plus machines such as pumps, test equipment, and tools.

By 2020, more than 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet – laptops, mobile phones, tablets, sensors, and everyday objects as well. Not just people talking to machines but machines talking to machines. And once everything is connected, a world of possibilities comes to light.

As W. Edwards Deming said, “In God we trust, all others bring data.” This is the motto of scientists and business people all over the world. Once we are connected we have access to data. Once we have data, we can learn. That’s where an Internet of Things (IoT)-driven analytics strategy comes into play. Analytics lets you capture insights from the data gathered from connected things. This will drive new sources of value. It will help you take the information generated from connected devices to make better, faster decisions for your customers and your business. It also acts as an important input to your technology and business investment decisions.

Creating an IoT analytics strategy begins with knowing what is important to your customers and your business. We start with a workshop that assesses your unique pain points and strengths, analyzes your business operations, and determines what sensors and connectivity you already have. We then correlate that back to your business operation goals. From that we develop both connectivity and analytics strategies that can help you improve the user experience and customer engagement and increase revenue.

At Presidio, we are experts at connectivity and analytics. We can help you connect, gather data, learn, and act. We can help you use IoT to bridge the gap between two previously segmented worlds: information technology (IT), which has traditionally been the tool for communication between people and organizations, and operational technology (OT), which is focused on the processes involved in delivering a product or service. Merge your information technology with your operational technology and transform into a Digital Enterprise.