Giving back is a year round effort

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A couple of months ago members of our team in the North West Region decided that we wanted to ‘give back’ to our communities during the holidays to emphasize our culture of community involvement.  Many members of the NWR volunteer for various organizations in their personal life throughout the year. The holidays is a good time to create awareness, but volunteerism is an ongoing part of our work culture.

We realize that we have a lot to be thankful for and there are many in our communities who have much less than we do. In lieu of any recent office holiday parties we chose to participate in volunteer events in Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and Boise, ID where we have offices.  Members of our families who wanted to participate were included in these events. Much of this volunteer work was done after business hours to ensure that family members who wanted to participate were available. 

In Portland we bagged dry pasta for the Oregon Food Bank. We processed 11,036 pounds of pasta which equals 9,196 meals. This amounted to  106 meals per volunteer processed that evening. In Seattle the team sorted, inspected, and packaged squash for the Food Lifeline. Thirty-four volunteers handled over 10,000 pounds of squash during a 2 hour shift. This amounted to 7,692 meals total or 226 meals per volunteer.

In Boise we worked with the Salvation Army toy drive and helped parents select toys for their children.

Everyone who participated in these events treasured the opportunity to help others.  Many families have continued to serve their communities with additional independent volunteer work with these organizations showing that giving back is a year round effort.  See photos from these events and other Community Outreach programs.