Enjoy the best of both worlds with Capacity on Demand

Posted By:  Brian Vislusky, Director, Strategic Technology Group, Data Center
Posted Date: 

Imagine that your business could pay only for the IT services it actually consumes. And that as your needs grow, more capacity would already be in place. What’s more, you could do all this within the security of a private cloud environment – but without the expense of maintaining your own cloud.

That’s the value-add of Presidio’s Capacity on Demand model.

Here’s how it works: Capacity on Demand is based on work pool modules that are comprised of secure Intel®-based servers and storage resources. When the customer’s first work pool is deployed, Presidio also pre-populates a second work pool. As the customer’s business grows, so do its IT requirements – but the expanded capacity is already in place. The customer consumes one work pool and then another, and so on.  It’s important to note that the customer does not pay for that reserve capacity until it is brought online.

Presidio’s “pay-as-you-grow” model gives businesses a new IT service delivery choice beyond traditional public cloud offerings— but without the performance limitations and the data security risks and compliance issues that can accompany a public cloud solution.

At a price that can be up to 30 percent cheaper than public cloud options, Capacity on Demand is especially appealing to cost-conscious executives who like the notion of paying only for the resources they actually consume while still being well positioned to accommodate growth.

Despite their appealing price, the problem with most public cloud offerings is that they involve multi-tenant environments that cannot satisfy the security and compliance requirements imposed by a company’s own customers. In fact, public clouds can often end up costing much more than expected as companies pay extra to acquire the resources that enable them to run their business securely.

In contrast, Presidio’s Capacity on Demand offering is essentially a private cloud environment that leverages the security and performance capabilities of Intel® Xeon® processors. This offering is unique in that it allows customers to pay for only resources that they are consuming … and the solution is engineered to the specific needs of each customer.

If you like the idea of paying only for the secure, flexible IT services you actually use, keep in mind these essential benefits of Presidio’s Capacity on Demand:

  • Expandability that grows your IT resources along with your business
  • Security to meet your own customers’ compliance requirements
  • Cost savings of up to 30% over other managed public clouds
  • Performance based on Intel® technology