EMC World Dozen

Posted By:  Raphael Meyerowitz
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It is hard to believe that this is my 12th time attending EMC World and I can honestly say that my company, Presidio, and I have never been more optimistic about the market opportunity and EMC. Our commitment started a dozen years ago in 2002 and continues to evolve, but this year seems to be different.  Presidio and EMC have been focused on jointly showcasing our commitment to the customer experience. Customer experience has been an overarching topic discussed in numerous sessions every year.  Unlike many industry events, EMC also hosts a Total Customer Experience Booth (463)  in the Solutions Expo. This acts as a hub for customer experience conversations, offers a great place to give feedback and reinforces that customer experience is just as important as any product to EMC and Presidio. One of the components that really stood out to me was how EMC collects customer data in numerous ways and leverages it to help fix issues in a timely manner.


EMC Total Customer Experience Booth – EMC World 2015

This shared passion for customer experience is why Presidio and EMC are such great partners. We both understand that, yes, you do need to have great products. But products on their own cannot solve all customer challenges. They need to be supported by the right processes, people and service. They must be continuously  improved through customer feedback and data analysis identifying key trends. And that’s where the customer experience focus comes into play – it is what allows us to make sure that each customer gets the right balance of technology and care to meet their goals. At Presidio, our focus on customer experience is innovative. A great example of this is our EMC Platinum lab, facilitating collaboration between Presidio and EMC to showcase the latest solutions and emphasize our engineering commitment. Our focus has also earned us a special honor to be recognized as a leading partner at this year’s EMC Partner Service Excellence Awards, which will take place at EMC World.

EMC World is a great opportunity to learn about what’s next in the technology industry and what that means for the customer experience. As a partner, we are  brand ambassador for EMC and after hearing the words trust and agility during the keynote and other sessions, it is clear that partners will continue to play an important role in EMC’s growth strategy.

It’s been 12 great years watching EMC evolve and I can’t believe this year’s show is already half-way through!

I hope you take time to learn more about how EMC and Presidio are working together to help our customers.

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