Can the Right Hybrid Cloud Affect Your Business Outcome?

Posted By:  Brian Vislusky, Director, Strategic Technology Group, Data Center

How do businesses stay competitive in an ever-evolving market? They start by staying agile enough to address constantly changing conditions, and to ramp up resources in a hurry to answer unexpected new requirements.

Central to that nimble posture in the marketplace, for many businesses, is a secure, professionally managed hybrid cloud capability.

The right balance of private and public cloud resources can help a company make best use of its existing IT assets and reduce costs while leveraging the public environment in a single pane of glass.

It’s all about business outcomes – helping customers preserve cash flow, increase revenue and profits, grow market share and achieve other objectives – while following a building-blocks strategy to strengthen a company’s IT capabilities.  Presidio’s foundational approach starts with a converged infrastructure that consolidates existing assets for maximum efficiency and greatest return on investment. This convergence makes up the private cloud element of a hybrid cloud model, typically the IT resources that handle a company’s predictable workloads.

But business isn’t always predictable and IT requirements can change dramatically with new conditions – acquiring another company, say, or sudden dramatic growth. Rather than invest in a significant capital expenditure, we introduce a second building block: capacity on demand.  This “pay-as-you-grow” model is based on work pool modules: as the first work pool is deployed, we pre-populate the next work pool. Over time as the customer grows, it consumes one work pool and then the next, and so on.  

A third element is automation and orchestration.  Our unique hybrid cloud management and orchestration engine, Presidio Managed Cloud (PMC), is delivered as a managed service and can be tailored to meet unique customer scenarios.  It allows customers to consume resources from their own private cloud as well as public cloud service providers. Our demo center then enables customers to experience for themselves hybrid cloud functionality and single-pane-of-glass management.

Essentially, it’s all about improving business outcomes. The foundation is the converged infrastructure that maximizes customer assets and delivers peak ROI. Capacity on demand provides the capabilities they need without a huge up-front capital expense. And, there’s automation orchestration for peak efficiency in private and public cloud management.

This is just a quick insight into Presidio’s approach to secure, well-managed hybrid clouds. Watch for future posts that take a closer look at each element.