The BYOD Opportunity: Say 'Yes' to Device Diversity

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Research shows that the bring your own device (BYOD) movement has reached a critical point: a range of studies show that more than half of companies surveyed allow employees to use personally owned devices to access the corporate network. By managing device diversity, you can create a flexible yet secure BYOD environment that increases efficiency, lowers operating costs and drives productivity.

BYOD Has Gone Mainstream
Reports from Cisco, Computerworld, CompTIA, Mobilisafe and others indicate that more than half of companies surveyed now permit employee-owned devices in the workplace—and in some sectors the numbers are much higher. New companies are using BYOD as the foundation for their network infrastructure, and a growing number of organizations give employees complete freedom to purchase and use their own devices to access corporate data. The attraction of BYOD is easy to understand. Smartphones and tablets offer an unprecedented level of flexibility, and when employees buy their own devices, the company can save hardware and IT support costs. The drawbacks, of course, are security and manageability issues. Personal devices could potentially infect the company network with viruses, and private customer or company data can be compromised if the device is lost or stolen. Employers also risk becoming unwittingly responsible for liabilities beyond their control: corporate assets might get mixed with personal data such as family photos and music or, worse yet, with downloaded applications that are not safe or in line with company policy.
The challenge, then, is to implement a BYOD program that supports device diversity while putting the proper safeguards in place and keeping business and personal items separate. Presidio and VMware offer pioneering solutions for managing device diversity and gives you the tools to create a BYOD environment that works for everyone—employees and IT organizations alike.
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